I'm a bit of a mess to tell you the truth. I'm a college drop out looking for work and to live simply in a small apartment downtown. I don't think I really have any dreams. I'm picking up the pieces and starting over. And finally trying to find something I'm passionate about.


Dream Journal 4.9.2013

So i decided I’m going to /attempt/ to do a dream journal every day. So here goes…
This dream was really long and weird since I slept for about 12 hours, waking up for about 5 minutes everyonce in a while.

I was in a car with two girls and some guy. From the way we were sitting, I think we were in the back of a limo. One girl was to the side of me, the man and other woman were across from me. The girl in front of me was the one I was more interested in for some reason. She was mixed, but kind of pale. I assumed she didn’t go outside much, at least when it wasn’t sunny. She had extremely short black hair. All in all, she was incredibly adorable. I admitted to her that I had seen her somewhere before (although I don’t believe I had). She went on a talk about destiny and some weird stuff.

Don’t really remember what happened immediately afterwards.

Next, I was in a room. I think I identified it at the time as my bedroom. It had tapestries and weird writings all over the wall. I was sitting alone at a computer, messaging people on facebook and watching a scene of Sherlock. I don’t remember much else, although I feel like something significant happened because I woke up crying.

I don’t remember anything else so I’ll end that there.

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